Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ricca Gardner Spotlight Article on Me

Ricca Gardner recently did a piece on me and was beyond flattered. She is someone that I look up to in my fitness, helped keep me motivated and finished INSANTIY workout and continually wanting to grow and learn!

Here is what she wrote for her spotlight article; "Meet Jeremy Wright! This professional surfer/bodyboarder slipped a disc in L4 back in 2011 at the infamous Wedge. Rather than opting for surgery, Jeremy exercised smartly and practiced yoga. He relied on the support from his family, friends, and chiropractor to help him through this most difficult time. Last October, in Puerto Escondido, this champion tackled his fear and hit the water again, riding warm water big barrels.

Jeremy is always smiling, always positive, and LOVES life. His positivity is infectious and he has a remarkable way of making other people happy, just with his presence. He works hard and shares his passion for health and fitness where ever he goes!

Not only is he out in the water as often as possible, he's running two successful businesses, works out daily (almost as often as me!), and still finds the time to check in with me constantly, motivating me and reminding me to continue down a path of success!"

I love to Boogie! #Passion

Workout Shirt sent to me from a Twitter fan! Yeww 

Finished Insanity!!

Ricca and I! 

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