Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aus update

The waves have been pretty small since I arrived in the South Coast but it's all good been getting two sessions in every day along with tennis, ping pong, swimming, working out, stretching and reading. It's been a lot of fun just hanging with all these Aussie's. Eli and I went swimming and one of his older bodyboarding friends just wanted to talk and tell us stories about the good old days and all the trouble he used to get in which was very entertaining. We just saw some swell on the charts somewhere and booked our tickets. We will be meeting up with Matt Ryan to get some shots and I am really excited! Hopefully it's pumping!
After my session today and a quick walk on the beach with Jesse (the dog) I got to hang out with my friend Glen Thurston and his younger brother Burg. Both of them are complete Legends! We played some intense ping pong and I am going to make an edit for my youtube page tommorow! So check the site to see it! We also made an amazing pasta dinner. YUM
Me and Jesse cruising at the beach before I went out
Glen cooking up a storm
My new favorite tea


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