Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Who Actually Sticks With Their Goals From January?

My Girlfriend ran with one of her best friends and business partners Stephanie Campos. The girls celebrating Stephs birthday!

Who is actually still going for there goals in October?

These people love running! Dedicated

Not to many people stick with their goals after the first month. My girlfriend is one of the few people that I know who are still tracking on their goals that she set out in late December for this new year. One of the big goals is for her to do her first half marathon! 

There she is! 

On October 13th she got to do her first half marathon in Long Beach. There were 3,000 plus people there in the event and it was amazing! The amount of motivated people was inspiring to see and it opened my eyes to how many people think about their health!

The winning kiss 

It’s so easy to set out a goal and never follow through but the next fitness goal you set out for yourself write it down and get it done! Keep bettering your best!

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