Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 Convention Recap

My GF Vanessa and I learning and hanging with Millionaire in the company Mr and Mrs Aaron Dinh

I recently went to my company's annual convention, and it was one of the most motivating yet humbling experiences to date. Going there with less people than I brought the year before and not getting to walk the stage nor rank advance almost made me cry. 


When we flew into Salt Lake City UTAH this is the sign that welcomed us! Love this company

I know that it is a bit drastic, but I always like to look at the positive in everything.  When you look at things in that way, watch the fruitfulness come. Even though I brought less people in my personal organization than last year, I brought quality, HUNGRY people.  It is said, "I would rather have one leader than 20 followers because that one leader can motivate hundreds." The people that came are potential big-time leaders; all with their own stories and all with their own reasons why they are deciding to build a part-time business.  I really admire their sacrifice and dedication to invest in themselves, demonstrated by choosing to spend money to attend the event even when it meant time away from work and family, to become better people all around!

My team mates are HUNGRY for success! John B and EVERYONE doing work to make their dreams a reality

Pro Bodyboarder and my friend Sebass Perez came to learn how to surf and travel for the rest of his life. Not just for a short period of time. Here learning from Jordan Kemper
Getting to travel with my amazing girlfriend is amazing! She is doing big things in this company and finding her niche

I am competitive by nature which is good, but can also be bad. One thing I learned is to use my competitive nature for the best, and that is to inspire me to be better and be happy for the people that are winning. I feel it is so easy to be jealous of other people winning, getting attention or getting to their goals quicker.  However, I have realized that people are all on their individual path.  If what you are doing is the right thing and you know you are doing the right thing, your time to shine WILL come--it is only a matter of time. Seeing so many people win prestigious awards filled my heart with joy knowing that one day I am going to help a partner in my business win some killer awards. Rank advancing was never really that important to me until I came to this year's convention. SO many people would ask me when I was going to the next level.  However, I never had a big desire to do so and was content helping people, getting orders and bodyboarding. BUT when my friend Jordan spoke, something inside me boiled up and fired me up to go out there and help as many people as possible better their health and their wealth. It is WRONG of me not to share what I know that has benefited me and my family so much. Now with my mindset changed, ranking will happen after I help enough people get to their health and/or wealth goals. That is what is driving me, along with helping my team increase their money and focus on their success. I loved my friend Jordan's speech the most because he challenged us to take a look at our hearts and evaluate what we are doing. That was the most impactful speech that I have heard in so long, and one that will drive me to the next level

One of the fastest growers in all of the Phillipines Billy!

Muliti Millionaire and Top five income earners in my company Jeremy Stansfield. Finally got to meet him!

My boy from SD and fellow bodyboarder Nate!

My challenge for you is to watch the video of Jordan that I recorded and take a look at your heart. Once you do that, share it with someone that is close to you. Whether you are in a business or not, you will learn a lot.

Finally, one of my biggest take aways of the 2013 international convention is the amount of new friendships I have made from all around the world. Go out and meet some new people that will help you get to your goals quicker, and remember to better your best daily! 

While I was on this trip I got word that I was featured in the new Riptide Magazine from Australia

My friend J Leman ALWAYS challenging me to be better and do MORE

Social Media expert Kate Northrup and I discussing her new book she just released! "Money A Love Story"

One of my favorite Authors and Speakers Darren Hardy

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