Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jacob and Jimmy

On the 8th I planned on going up to Ventura to get some waves early in the morning with my friend Jimmy and catch up with my coach Jacob Reeves.
Jimmy and I got some really fun waves, and it was so cool to hear how good he is doing and how the LORD has just been blessing his life. Jimmy just got home from Australia for his brothers wedding and got to share with me about his time there and what his next year is looking like for him. It sounds really exciting and I will definetley be praying for him.
After are surf session I called my friend Matt Meyer and asked where I can get some grub and he told me about this Mexican restaurant to hit up, and it was good! Thanks Matty!
I took a power nap in my bed that my dad built in my van and headed to Jacobs work to catch up and talk about how my 2009 year is looking and how he is going to be able to help me out this year! I am really stoked on how the meeting went and Jacob always has the best advice for me and encorages me to stay on the Gods path for my life and to keep seeking Him and when I do that, all things will work according to Gods plans.
Here are a few quotes that Jacob said that I thought were awesome and want to share with everyone!
"If you plan things right you can do just about anything"
"Future favors the diligent"


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