Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tijuana Bodyboard Contest & What I Learned Losing In The Semis

Fun Times at the Contest

Losing never felt so good!  I know that sounds weird, but this past weekend I got the opportunity to compete in the 5th Annual Tijuana Festival Contest.  I won the first annual event and haven’t been back until now.

Big support at the festival

I know that nobody likes losing, but sometimes it is in losing that you get even more motivation than before.  A week before this event, I was not planning on participating.  However, when I went to my board sponsors board sale, I connected with the event organizer.  He told me how much it would mean to him if I would participate in the event, and how cool it would be if I won his last event.  I talked to a few of my friends, Richie and Bobby, and they were all in for participating as well.  We made the adventure down there even though we knew the waves were not going to be the best. In spite of this, the positive vibes from everyone made up for it; seeing all the locals ripping was awesome!

Loved meeting so many new friends

I was not able to put as much training as I wanted to for this event, and it showed in my surfing when I lost in the semi finals.  The guys in all of the semi finals were ON that day, and were a lot more focused than I was.  Seeing people that are ON and focused is really inspiring.  It becomes contagious and drives you to have that same energy.  Watching all the finals has inspired me to focus more on my surfing as well as my business.  When you focus on just a few things and have the mindset for results, then you will see some Movement happen in those areas along with noticeable progress.  Even thought I did not win the event like I wanted to, the lessons that I was able to take away from being at the event were priceless.  The lessons learned were to turn your A game on and to become more focused.

Bobby and I watching footage of our heats
What area in your life can you turn on and be more focused? Whatever it may be, make it a point TODAY to focus on an area for the rest of the week.  Record your results, adjust anything so you can do better, and remember to always Better Your Best!


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