Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Fathers Day and cruising with Brett Curran

This year I was home to celebrate Fathers day with the number one dad in the WORLD my Dad! Anybody who has every met him, or stayed at my house will tell you how supportive and epic my Father is. Thank you for everything Dad!! My brother Jason is also a dad and soon Emma will be having child number two! It is definetley exciting times at the Wright Place!
My good friend Brett was home for a while. Since the waves weren't that good and I am in training mode we decided to do Bikram Yoga everyday, beach workouts, ocean swims and I even bought a long board since its been super small.
My brother Jas and emma and the lil guy in her belly
My oldest brother Josh and his wife Christina
Bikram is CRAZY but I took Jeff Hubbards advice and did it! So stoked!


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