Thursday, May 20, 2010

Small waves, Plenty of school work, and Kind words

I haven't had the best luck with waves lately. Every swell keeps hitting over the weekend while I am gone on work trips. I have still been getting in the water when I am home even though conditions are small and not that good.
Little barrel sequence shot by Mr. Goddard 1

My friend and co worker Gabriel Enamorado is a really good photographer and has a cool website and blog you should check out. He took a shot of me that I think captures exactly how I felt this day. The day before I worked 16 hours and had to write my portion for a team project most of the night. I only slept three hours. The day this shot was taken was a long day. We worked 17 hours, took everything down and loaded everything up from the event. I knew that the paper that I was starting to work on was going to take me all night to finish and that I would probably going to have NO sleep until my 4am flight.
My friend Taylor Morey who I use to talk stories with about bodyboarding during High School recently messaged me on facebook and wrote these kind words, "Holy mother dude reading your website inpires me! You have got to be the busiest guy I know, don't know how u do it. All that school and work daaaaannngggg mad props man but hey looks like ur rippin it on the boogey."
Whenever I get a emails, messages, text, or twitter mentions from family or friends about how hard I am working it gives me a extra boost to keep going. Anybody who has taken the time to write to me thank you because your words really motivate and push me to keep on going!


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