Friday, April 30, 2010

Ring of Fire 2 Frame grabs, JSY training, No more Paula and Tamega

June 5th June 5th and June 5th!!
This is the premiere of Robert Isamberts video Ring of Fire 2. If you are thinking of going there is no more thinking just GO! It will be worth it, lots of fun, and a sick video!
Below are a few frame grabs of me in the vid!
I love that water color

Wednesday I got to meet with Jason from JSY fitness and it was another intense but good workout. He has me doing so many cool things and explains everything to me, like why I am doing a certain excercise and how it will benefit me in the water. Next workout is going to be way harder and I am stoked!
Focus face haha
Spiderman?? Na just Yokobosky!

It is van Paula and I are officially done. I sold her yesterday and was pretty devastated. I learned a lot about cars because of all the trouble she gave me in the end and why not to spend $3,000 to TRY and get you car fix. Either they can fix it or cant fix it. NO in between bull crap!
Later lady!

Thursday was such a fun, crazy, busy, awesome, day! I got to hang out with Wave Rebel team mate and 6x World Champion Guilherme Tamega before he left on all of his world tour trips! Check back monday night to see what our day consisted of!

Hope everyone has an awesome relaxing weekend and scores some waves!


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