Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Uncle Jeremy

New addition to the WRIGHT family! Joshua Samuel Wright

Long Board

Brett pushing me off a wave today, so funny! He's leaving tomorrow on a fun 5 month surf trip! I'm gonna meet him in the land down unda! Can't wait!

Simila Hang

Got to hang with David Simila AKA Sim Dog Millionaire Sushi, golf and laughing such an epic combo!

Boog with McGowan

Got to cruise and shoot with Josh McGowan. Super small waves but this weather is just too good in Cali right now.

U O P event

Got to speak at a University of Phoenix event! Can't wait for the next ones!


Can't believe Justin is only 17! Gonna be rad seeing him sit in some barrels this winter!

Brunch Times

Got to hang out with my friend Pat for a "quick" brunch....4 hours later we left haha The guy is filled of great advice and amazing stories. Anytime I have the opportunity to hang out with him I try to make it happen. Such a rad Wierenga!

Front Rows

Bootcamp has been amazing! The homie Hung Ngyuen and I have been rocking the front row and soaking it all in! Time to apply what we learn! Soo good!

Yeager Bros

These two are hilarious!

MVP in the LB

My best friend and I tried out the new MVP's in Long Beach and it was good! Ran into so many people, guess everyone's hooked on it!


Got to go golfing for the third time with my friend David and August. They shred and helped me out a lot!


I love this shot, I love JESUS!

Steps for Success

USANA Steps for Success was off the hook! Learned a crazy amount and met soo many amazing people! Stoked!


Daniel Songs ride AKA The Wizard Love learning from him!

Just Do It

Got some new NIKES! Stoked!

Kasey Doing Worship


Pac Man

Got hooked up with a signed Manny Pacquiao poster from the champ himself! So stoked!

Stan the tax man

Getting lunch and catching up with Stan the tax man was all time. Dude has been in the biz for a long time and knows his stuff!

Soomin Birthday

Took my mentor out to a motivational event with Joe Katchka and Jacob Palmer. Even though they knew most of the information it was good to fresh up on everything.


CT and I helped out at the church carnival and it was a blast!