Monday, December 17, 2012

Hubbs World Champ

So stoked for HUBB and winning his 3rd world title!
I watched from 3am to 9am to watch this special moment in bodyboarding history!
Hubb has been my favorite rider since I started and my hero growing up. The fact that he balanced his career on top of getting a Masters degree is so impressive! Jeff is going to be on a even bigger mission coming 2013!



My first time going to a midnight premiere for a big time movie. The Hobbit fans were in full effect and it was fun!
Movie was good to!

New Zealand Skype time

Got to catch up with my friend Lindsey! This girl has some BIG plans and is in the right direction! Bigger announcement coming.
Check out her blog in the meantime by clicking here

Church Christmas Party

Basically my Church knows how to throw a Christmas Party! 



The Doherty sisters are beautiful plane and simple! I got to catch up with them about all of there travels, talk about financial and health goals and they are focused women! Can't wait to blow up with them! Two are always better then one


First timers on the Boog

Took my friend Alex and Jen bodyboarding for the first time and talked about some epic health goals for 2013! These two are COMMITTED! Stoked to see them transform their lives! BOOM!

Sushi with Mike

Super simple advice from my boy mike "Keep God first!"

Wave Rebel HQ

I am seriously a big kid haha
I got to stop by my sponsor Wave Rebel to give them some ideas on all the new boards about to be made overseas and even gave them my personal shape to duplicate! Gonna be a super sick 2013! 


Our Wave Newspaper

Ron Dog posted this up of an interview that he had after breaking his back and I had a section about my bodyboard career.
All my photos were shot in the Phillipines!
Ron Dog is OG and the man!


Beach Times

Waves have been SO small but I just love being at the beach and being with a friend like Chelsea just makes it that much sweeter!
Chelsea is one of my closest friends and is so positive! We never have a dull moment and she is constantly encouraging to hit my goals and stay focused on my dreams!
If you don't have a chelsea figure in your life then become a chelsea type person to someone and I feel that your time will come and you will have the ultimate "cheerleader" that encourages you on the daily! So thankful for her and our friendship!

Finally Met Clayton King

I have been a HUGE fan of Clayton King since I was 19 years old!
I NEVER thought I would have the chance to meet him but man the time came and we made it happen right before he filmed for a few shows!
The knowledge he dropped on me was UNREAL!
Check out his site and what he does by clicking HERE!


Wedding Times!

Fun wedding times with Patricia! 


Stormy Waves

Rainy day at my local spot,  stormy conditions and Josh McGowan trying out his new go pro 3!

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First Time Salsa Dancing

These two ladies took me to my first Salsa dancing class! Super fun!


USANA interview and Waves

I got to get some super fun peaky waves with this grom Shane! Shane use to bodyboard a bunch and now surfs. I got to encourage him with his school, work and balancing outside learning by reading certain books.
I get so stoked be around people who are HUNGRY to learn and want to succeed. He is only 19 and ready to blow things up in the new year!
I got to do a phone interview with USANA for the new magazine! Gonna be soo funny and good!


One years old

Love this my little nephew! Already one and can't wait for him to get in the water with me!

Night Runs

There is something about early morning runs or late night sporadic runs that are FUN!
I always feel like Rocky when I jog with this jacket haha
Running is a great time for me to clear my mind, think of new ideas and is a great workout!
Get your run on!


Boanergy Bros

These three dudes have been my boanergy brothers for five years now!
Boanergy means sons of thunder and I made the name up because I was seeking some people who are ON FIRE for christ and who can kick me back in shape when I get distracted.
I know NO one is perfect but hanging out with people who are more knowledgeable about christ and the bible is amazing because they can raise your level.
Plus having three different inputs can be beneficial!
Seek out some people do to the same! Could be helpful if you are seeking to grow with your relationship with the LORD



One of my favorite people to get waves with! My brotha Dustin Roger! 



Been getting a bit insane with my workouts!!
Found a few people to help keep me accountable and have been able to be CONSISTENT!
I believe having accountability partners is big if you want to hit your goals. If you don't have someone seek and find someone who is doing better than you so they can push you!