Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hawaii times

I have been in Hawaii for the past two weeks and having the best time cruising with friends, riding waves, training, reading, stretching, going on adventures etc..
I will be on Oahu on February 1st till the 27th competing in the Pipe contest. I can't thank all my friends enough who have been taking me under their wings and surfing with me. They are all so naturally talented that it makes me bitter sometimes that I have to work so hard to just get a little better while they are just so gifted that they just get good so quick. It must be the water or something haha
These shots are from my phone, no waves or beach shots sorry

Rollin with the homies

Mini man quiver Travis smiths boards at 12

Dinner most nights


Spam Musubi

Waiting for the bus

Gas Prices

Hitch Hike helper. Be CAREFUL who you decide to go with! I had a crazy experience gnarly

Hamilton ladies


D Phil does the sickest airs for sure! He is a natural freak in the water, scary talented

These two videos have been keeping me super amped!

Untitled from Llowen Liberato on Vimeo.

Mitch Rawlins - Leftovers 2010 from on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"A Day in the Life of Jeremy Wright" by Wisdom Morm

Im in Hawaii right and having a blast!
My friend Wisdom made this video of me called "A Day in the life of Jeremy Wright"
Hope you enjoy it! I really liked it!

A Day In The Life Of Jeremy Wright from Jeremy Wright on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I got the new RXYM FASHION ad which I am super stoked on!

I am DONE with school and Graduated!!!!

I finished and graduated school on Monday January 10th! WOW that was definetly one of the most amazing feelings ever! I am so happy and am so ready to travel, have fun and focus on getting good waves. 2011 is looking like an amazing year and I can't wait to share some of the things going on later!
I will be leaving to Hawaii on tuesday the 18th for a month in a half which will be unreal! It will be my first trip ever not to worry about school or even working. My full attention is about progressing, becoming the best athlete I can be, learn and listen to people with more wisdom and who have advice for me and just have FUN and do my best in the water! I am sooo excited!
My girlfriend took me to Lucilles to get are grub on and also took me to go so the movie "The Fighter" as a congradulations and just cause shes tight like that.
If you have not seen the movie "The Fighter" I recommend it. I love movies based on true stories and man what a story this guy had! I don't want to say to much but I did attach the trailer to check out!
Also my mom took me out to eat to lucilles on friday after a super long session in the water! I am back to getting in the water twice a day and training and it feels GREAT!

Happy to be FINISHED with school

My girlfriend is one of the biggest blessings for sure

CHEERS! The strawberry lemonade is my favorite drink at lucilles

So supportive!

Most AMAZING mom in the world!

No more work

I was working at a mortgage company full time for a bit to help pay off my school debt. Even though I did not want to work there everyday I tried to be positive, smile and do my best. I feel I accomplished those three goals I set out for myself. Last thursday was my last official day. The people do not usually throw going away parties but they threw me one which was sick! It was really nice of them and I was pumped on all the people that were happy for me and all the support they showed.
It is easy to say that all I thought about at work was bodyboarding...ALL DAY! Any task that I was assigned I tried to think of it as something to help me in my bodyboarding. If I had to do a task in a certain amount of time I would pretend it was a practice heat. If I had a lot to do that day I would think of it as a big swell and the challenges that I would have to face and so many more! haha
I am happy I don't have to really work like that anymore and have been given the opportunity to focus on my passion.

Even putting stickers on envelopes and stacking them reminded me of set waves haha

Some of the people that put the going away party on! Thanks!

Micah Bournes Better Man Spoken Word Poem

My friend Micah is currently recording up in Oregon a cd. I will keep everyone posted on it. Hope your blessed by this new video I did of him when a bunch of the homies and him stopped by!

New Years Road Trip

I got to go on a sweet road trip up to nor cal with my girlfriend to celebrate new years with her and some of her family. The trip was so much fun and filled with such great memories. I hope everyone had a blast and is super amped for 2011!

Amaury: "A Lifelong Dream"

The current world champ released this video on his road to success for the 2010 world title.
I think you will enjoy it.
Congrats Amaury!

A Lifelong Dream from FOCUSprod Bodyboard Reunion on Vimeo.

Monday, January 10, 2011

So much going on!

There has been so much going on lately with Final exams, family events and the new year!
Here are a few behind the scenes clips of the blogs coming later today!