Thursday, January 31, 2013

New BBR Magazine covering my Nicaragua Trip

So stoked on the new BBR magazine! Check it out if you haven't yet!

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Vision Tour Event Notes

My company currently put on a really cool VISION tour event.
I learned SO much and re charged my batteries.
They had some amazing speakers from all over the United States. I learned a lot from each of them but I am going to highlight my notes from Tony Daums who is apart of the MILLION DOLLAR CLUB with the company that I am in!

Tony Daums brought it

  • The way you live in your teens, 20's, 30's will dictate what you live like in your 40's, 50's and 60's
  • You don't get paid for just what you do but also for what you cause, create and build in USANA
  • I don't sell anything but DREAMS
  • To succeed in white hot burning desire and an action plan
  • Build your life like your life depends on it BECAUSE IT DOES!!!
  • If the reason WHY is strong enough, then you harness the power of....FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION
  • If you set big goals and they don't care you they are NOT big enough yet
  • This business is 80% WHY and 20% how


Meeting with Aaron Byzak

Got to meet up with Aaron Byzak! San Diego magazine labeled him number 19 in the person to watch out for. Number 20 is president Bill clinton and number 21 Mitt Romney! 


Go for Consistency

Hook Your Parents Up

I've ALWAYS wanted to hook my parents up with a new computer because they have an OLD dell. I really want to also get them on a trip this year fully paid for and also get a few upgrades like a TV, Car etc...
Baby steps. DRIVEN!

Meeting with Pastor Jonathan Wilson

I got to meet up with my Pastor and go over my year and get some really cool advice and insight. Here are some take away's I got.

  • Success and Significance. Success is about you achieving your goals and significance is helping people find meaning and purpose for their life
  • You need Vision
  • Giving is sewing seeds
  • Make sure your life increases in all areas not just one area
  • The second mile is where it counts
  • Attach your vision to kingdom purpose
  • NEVER NEVER give up
  • MY INPUT will determine my OUTPUT

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Spin Class

My friend Ricca got me to go to my first Spin class and it was awesome!!!

Love these products 

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Love this!
Saw it at Soomin Kims training on saturday morning

Air Forward

My friend Sean G sent me this shot he got of me a while back! So stoked!


Make It Happen

Get in the Zone

Triple Dates

Love getting to hang and learn from positive uplifting people and couples!

Thumbs Up

My mom giving the limited edition nutrimeal a thumbs up and my reading program

Bless Somebody

Had a sweet picnic date with my girlfriend.
I really like thinking of ideas to do to bless people if it's family, church, or anything.
Think of something to do for someone else today! You'll feel amazing!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Shooting with Jason Yokobosky

Got to shoot with Jason Yokobosky! What a blessing and what an amazing photographer! 


Aaron Anthony my fitness accountability partner

Been friends since 6th grade and one of three of my accountability partners for my fitness workouts! He also lent me some weights! So pumped!
Who else is trying to take their fitness next level!?

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The next big Dentist!

Financial Peace University

My girlfriend and I are committing to this nine week course! We have completed three weeks already! So awesome and learning a ton!
Check out Dave Ramsey for more info! Live DEBT FREE


Ride it Out

My friend Josh McGowan shot this of me lil cali wave


Tennis Times

Tennis is such a fun sport! I have been playing on and off for years and I am still at the same level if not worse hahah
Just like anything CONSISTENCY is so important if you want to do well or see some kind of results!
I had a blast playing and catching up with some friends though!

Hike with Andrea

Had a blast on a sick hike with my friend Andrea!

Books I read in 2012

90day goal/blitz CHALLENGE

Goal Categories

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ricca Gardner Spotlight Article on Me

Ricca Gardner recently did a piece on me and was beyond flattered. She is someone that I look up to in my fitness, helped keep me motivated and finished INSANTIY workout and continually wanting to grow and learn!

Here is what she wrote for her spotlight article; "Meet Jeremy Wright! This professional surfer/bodyboarder slipped a disc in L4 back in 2011 at the infamous Wedge. Rather than opting for surgery, Jeremy exercised smartly and practiced yoga. He relied on the support from his family, friends, and chiropractor to help him through this most difficult time. Last October, in Puerto Escondido, this champion tackled his fear and hit the water again, riding warm water big barrels.

Jeremy is always smiling, always positive, and LOVES life. His positivity is infectious and he has a remarkable way of making other people happy, just with his presence. He works hard and shares his passion for health and fitness where ever he goes!

Not only is he out in the water as often as possible, he's running two successful businesses, works out daily (almost as often as me!), and still finds the time to check in with me constantly, motivating me and reminding me to continue down a path of success!"

I love to Boogie! #Passion

Workout Shirt sent to me from a Twitter fan! Yeww 

Finished Insanity!!

Ricca and I! 

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The Birminghams

Love learning from people who have some success in an area that I want to grow in. My girlfriend and I got to learn from the Birminghams on how they have had such an epic marriage!
I have always asked people who have what I want how they got to where they are and do my best to do the same or try and do it better!
Keep growing peeps!!! yewww

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Shooting with Josh McGowan

Got to link up, shoot and hang with my brotha Josh McGowan!


I have the most amazing, supportive, driven, BEAUTIFUl girlfriend eva! 
2013 is going off already and we're just getting started! yewww


Ladies know how to do Buisness

I collaborate with a lot of ladies on how to build a business and it's so rad to see how excited they are to dominate the world! 2013 is going to be amazing!

Polly and Rev

I've been super on track with the bible in a year and a ton of people from church have kept me on point!
My friend Polly from church and Natalia Kim took me to my first ever Venezuelan restaurant! If you haven't tried Venezuelan food give it a try! Super good!

Joseph Arthur Quote

My friend Joseph said this and man it is SO powerful!!!! 
Share it and encourage the people in YOUR life! 


Hello 2013

Started the year off right! Creating some amazing habits but mostly thankful for how healthy my parents have gotten in 2012! 
Bring it 2013!

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Epic Clients

Getting to hang with Jay was all time. He has a beach house, educates me on fitness and pushes me to always go big in all area of my life! Love what I get to do! Super blessed!


Reggae Gift

My friend Aimee recently hooked me up with this cd and since then I have been on the hunt on some epic christian reggae music! If you have any recommendations leave a comment!
Love Daminic Balli guy shreds!

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Holiday Times

Christmas this year was amazing! Love my family! 

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