Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vick Goddard Shots

My friend Collin Goddard just came off a really bad injury. He is back in the water and ripping! His dad Vick sent me some shots of myself. Thanks Mr. Goddard!

The wave that injured me. Down the line.

Three shot sequence below


I'm real excited to see the GSP and Jake Shields fight. A lot of my friends are betting their money on Jake Shields but I think GSP is gonna take it. The fight card for the night looks mental!
Primetime does such a good job showing people these athletes mind set and the preparation that it takes to be a world class fighter. If you are an athlete in any sport be sure to watch these series and learn from these guys, there mental game is out of this world!

Zig Ziglar

My favorite motivational speaker of all time is Zig Ziglar. I have listened to all of his podcast and watched countless of his youtube videos. I finally decided it was time to read a few of his books, listen and learn how to be become a better salesman from his audio book and watch his documentary dvd.
I got the books and dvd from my local library and it was so neat to see most of the Librarians that I grew up seeing working there and still loving life.


Easter is such a great reminder to me about my faith. I went to my parents church with my girlfriend and it was nice. We headed to my sister in law Christinas family's brunch. She is Italian and man they know how to cook! The food was soo good and we got our grub on!

GF and I


I don't go to Britt Merricks church but I really enjoy his teachings and his easter service was too good not to share :)

Easter Celebration from Reality on Vimeo.


On Saturday the 23rd I got pretty worked at one of my favorite waves. The conditions were perfect, the crowd was minimal (then I got hurt and everyone came) the sun was shining and the vibes were insane.
Long story short I got worked by a wave and wiped out on a heavy one. I popped a disc out of place and hyperextended my back. I have to stay out of the water for 3 weeks. Cant work till May 3rd. I have to go to the chiropractor 3x a week. Physical therapy 3x a week. Massage specialist twice a week and on bed rest most of the day.
The positive side to it all is that I get to focus on Embrace all day and we have been getting a ton of new accounts and are staying real busy! God works everything out for good.
Special thanks to my girlfriend and parents for taking care of me while I was all messed up. Also THANK YOU to everyone who left me comments on my Facebook and Twitter. I got over 70+ comments! Thats some love right there! You guys are so rad!

Waves were so clean that morning. Photo by Bob Okvist's

Employee of the week

I wrote in my post "The Valet Runner" that I wanted to win employee of the week not just once but for the entire month. I got injured saturday and the doctor is no letting me head back to work till May 3rd.
I won the $50.00 bonus and employee of the week. Have to come back strong when I head back to valet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BIA Seaside Reef Win

The BIA held a contest on the 16th at Seaside Reef. The waves were fun, the sun was in full effect and it was a beautiful day. All the groms were going mad in the water and the competiros were amped!
My good friend Chris Tyler came with me to the event along with his little brother and my girlfriend. It was all of there first time going to a bodyboard contest and watching me compete so to come out with the win was a big blessing! The extra $300 for two heats was sweet to! We stayed at the beach all day ate at a local mexican restaurant and went home SUN BURNT haha
I also got to catch up with one of the most talented water photographer and my friend Todd Glaser which was a sweet bonus! That guy is doing big things! Follow his blog by clicking HERE.

Back seat grom

Good support!


CT getting some water time

Artsy shot by Tay

CAREER!! EMBRACE Screen Printing

This last month my life has changed SO much but definitely for the better. I love new challenges and creating new goals for myself. My best friend and I have owned Embrace Apparel since 2002. My best friend Kevin Jenkins is one of the most amazing people anyone will ever meet. Besides my family he is the most influential person in my life to date from being a 4.0 student all the way threw high school and challenging me to do the same, to graduating from Cal State Long Beach with ease and pushing me to graduate myself. He has also traveled all around the world, is blessed with a servants heart, is really involved with the church, has owned his own business and through that living the lifestyle he has wanted to by being his own boss but most importantly being a man of God who truly lives out what he preaches.
He has been silk screening for the past eight years and doing it for various companies. We have been discussing for a while about my role in the company and when I or if I would step up and do more with him. I have been living a life that I always dreamed, desired and strived for as a professional bodyboarder getting paid to travel all around the world surfing some of sickest waves, competing, having fun, working the odd jobs and going to school online to get my Bachelors degree.
Okay so picture this scenario so you understand why I am so excited about everything in my life right now! I started off my year graduating college after doing twice as many units as a full time student and working a full time and part time job. I then left all my responsibilities behind me to finally take a break. I decide to head to Hawaii for two months of surfing the best waves of my life and having the time of my life with some of my closest friends. I then came back home to be greeted by the most amazing and supportive family, friends and girlfriend. Then this once in a lifetime opportunity to go all in 100% in business with my best friend comes to me so I can capitalize on my God given gifts, on top of having the opportunity to challenge myself daily and be my own boss.The timing is so perfect and I truly believe it was totally God orchestrated. After lots of praying, time in the word and advice from my mentors and people I look up to and respect I decided to go all in 100% with Kevin a few days after his 24th birthday. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so excited to see what the Lord does next!
If you or anyone you knows needs shirts printed you can e-mail me at
You can stay connected with EMBRACE by the follwing sites: Website, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and by shopping online.

Kev and I on top of half dome in Yosemite

The Valet Runner

I got the raddest most comfortable pair of running shoes I have ever owned last week. I also got these comfy insoles to add to the goodness on my feet. The total was pretty pricey but a great investment for sure! I got them at Sport Chalet to give the headline sponsor of the US tour US Open event some support. Thanks SPORT CHALET!
I got a job in the beginning of the month as a valet driver at the Pike in downtown Long Beach. I can honestly say that I LOVE the job! Is that weird or what? I think not! I am working four to seven days a week at anywhere from six to 10 hours a night and its so rad! I have A LOT of friends that I went to High School with that work there and it makes time fly by plus its always busy. I also love the fact that you get paid to drive super nice cars (most of the time), run like a maniac from the structure to the pike area (quarter mile each way) and just get to greet all these people with a huge smile and get them super amped up to have the best time that night!
I think having a positive outlook is huge especially in the case of working. I look at this "job" as getting paid to stay fit, figuring out my "dream" car and learning from successful people.
Big thank you to Jared for giving me a chance at the job! As always my goal is to be the best and they give out bonuses each week for the best employee. There are 70+ employees but my goal isn't to just win the bonus once but for an entire month! GAME ON! yeww

I got Mail!

My degree came in the mail last week! SO HAPPY! I get to walk June 4th for graduation.
I am also going to be in the global issue of the University of Phoenix magazine "Phoenix Focus" sharing my story! UNREAL times! Behind the scenes photos from the photo shoot will be up on the blog for sure!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


WOW This is my 300th post on the blog! It is so cool to share some of my experience, advice, and adventures that I have gone on with you guys. I am so happy that I was able to use this platform to motivate and inspire people to give there best every day, that was one of my main goals for sure. There are hundreds of subscribers here and the amount of page views and support I get is unreal! I just want to say THANK YOU for checking the site for updates and telling people to check it out as well. Because of the support I get from YOU people this blog has opened doors to soo many opportunites like sponsors, new friendships and now jobs! I am working with various companies on there social media sites and actually get paid to do it which is fun and rad! I also am going 100mph every day with my best friend doing custom t-shirts but more of that to come later!
Thank you for all the support and this MAY I will be starting something pretty epic on a video blog series so stay tuned, spread the word and subscribe to my youtube channel to be the first to hear about this!
Photo by Ron Dog


Thursday, April 7, 2011

NEW Alternative Surf Website

The new Alternative Surf website is up! Be sure to check it out by clicking HERE

New Site

My team section

Arizona Trip

I got to take a trip to Arizona with my GF and her family for the weekend and it was so much fun! The drive was awesome, the tunes were blaring and laughing never ended! Loving life! yeww

Gas Price



Cinnabon is my weakness

He got eaten

Bug Killer