Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Made a barrel

So stoked Cali has been getting waves! Getting motivated to go out when it' always small is tuff but hearing that one of the best spots for bodyboarding was going to be good got me amped up! I have been training a lot, stretching and eating a lot better then ever. My friend Dustin gave me the call it should be good and we got some fun ones.
It was unreal catching up with so many old friends that I haven't seen for so long and seeing how much all these groms have grown up!
Can't wait for the next swell! Thanks for the shot Sawitz!!

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Hanging with Joe Katchka

People that know the story of how I got introduced to the company that I am involved in know that a lifeguard called me FAT after I gained a lot of weight after I had a bad back injury.
He got me on a product I fell in love with and helped me build a business. So stoked and thankful for Joe Katchka!
Joe is now following his passion of photography, newly married and helping a ton of people improve their health and wealth!
Keep it up Katchka!

All pics by Lukas Vetrak


Sunday Funday

Nothing like waves with your friend followed by poke burritos!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Super Saturday event

Yesterday's super Saturday event was so awesome! USANA SO CAL is really stepping up and these events are getting better and better! Hearing Dr Christine Wood and Simon Chan speak was amazing!
One of my favorite quotes was from Michael Callejas when I heard "There is a lot of people that want to make a change in there life without making a change"
Can't wait to keep helping people get to there goals and pack the place out!

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Word of Balanca Poster of Me

2 Simple Steps for Personal Growth
1) Take Small Steps
Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.
2) Stay Consistent
One of the great keys to transformation are those little daily wins that stack up into a tsunami of change over the coming months. Stay consistent and strive for growth.
This post was written by Jeremy Wright. Jeremy is a well-rounded entrepreneur and motivational speaker. While growing up, Jeremy has been a key asset in the backbone of motivation for many people‚Äôs lives, including my own. Follow Jeremy on Facebook or catch up on his life through his Personal Blog.


First time Rock Climbing

My friend Eric invited and took me to my first rock climbing session! I had a ton of fun it was super challenging!

Hard work paying off for both of them

My boy jonathan did his first group presentation and my good friend Matt Donahue just got a promotion in our company!
Love getting to do life with friends and build business!


Food and Backyard party

An epic lunch my girl made and also strelekis backyard bday party! Epic times had by both occasions!

FPU Graduation

Finished the course with my girlfriend and we are more motivated then ever to live like no one else so one day we can live like no one else! DEBT FREE!!


Intros I did

Here are two intros I did one for Tomas Artica and Dr.Ladd Macnamara

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Speaking at Markham Middle School

What a great time motivating a class of middle schoolers to break limiting beliefs!
I spoke in compton which is not the best of areas and kids can choose gangs, no education etc... but showing them the POSSIBILITIES of life was just what the kids needed. A few of them have connected with me on twitter and I can't wait to see them blow up, get better grades and make their life better then ever!

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BNP Paribas Open is my FIRST ATP/WTA event

I got to go to my first professional tennis match thanks to USANA! I am in the top 50 fastest growers in the company and they rewarded me with this event and to be in their VIP suite! I can't explain how fun it was from VIP parking, everything free, getting to bring my girlfriend, gift cards and tons of gifts!
This company just keeps bringing on the epicness and I am more motivated then ever to keep helping people better their health and finances! This is SO many people's years!

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House Events

Love getting to do house events! Getting a ton of people healthy is the BEST feeling!

Speaking at Fountain Valley

Got to speak and motivate a classroom at Fountain Valley High School to go after their dreams! 

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Next Generation

Young entrepreneurs are raising up every single day and hungrier then ever! I remember being 18 owning my clothing company with my best friend and asking older people questions on how to make it happen. I love helping the young guns who are coming up and ready to make their mark.

Disnelyland with Simon Chan

Got to go to Disneyland and spend a day with the Presidential award winner in my company, Simon Chan. Basically he won the FASTEST grower last year in my words he won the WORLD TITLE.
It was amazing to spend time with someone so successful who is apart of the Million Dollar Club and is changing so many lives. The knowledge and eye opening experience is priceless and to see the FREEDOM that this business has created for him is one of the most inspiring things I have witnessed to date.
Keep bettering YOUR best!

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Favorite Motivational video keep LEARNING

This is my favorite motivational video to date! SO GOOD! Watch and share

I think it is important to keep learning and developing yourself and that is something I strive for each and every day.
Cool shot of me taking some notes and sharing it in social media outlets. Shot by Luke Vetrak


Monday, March 4, 2013

Katchkas Wedding

Like I said before I for sure would NOT be living the life I have if it wasn't for Joe Kathka introducing the USANA products to me after I injured my back. The fact that he was patient and worked with me throughout this growing process speaks volumes! So proud to call him my friend and beyond pumped for him and his wife and what the future holds!


Saturday Wave days

Pretty cool to see people write this about you!! Love to boogie and love positive vibes! That deserves a BOOM!!

Mommas B day

She is soo beautiful and never looking a day older!
For sure the best mom out there and the most encouraging, uplifting, God fearing women I have ever known.
She is having the healthiest year yet, helping a ton of people with their finances because of Dave Ramseys Financial Peace University and building her business slow and steady!

Katchkas Speech

Joe Katchka has a special place in my heart and my parents. He was the one who introduced me to the company I am with and helped mentor me in this journey! Glad we were able to give back to such a legend!



My best friend is dominating his goals this year! Love having a best friend that is pushing me to better my best!

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SD with the NINJA

Got to go to San Diego with some friends!
It was cool they gave out an I Pod mini for the person who brought the most guest! Love Sand Diego!


Spanish Speaking Nights

One of my dreams is to launch my business big time int he spanish speaking community! My friend Jesus and a few others are amped and on board!

Speaking at the Super Saturday

SK and Natalia

Getting to get dinner with my mentor Soomin Kim is always a honor. I love the life he lives and the freedom he has.
The relationship that his wife and him have is beyond amazing and the LOVE they have for each other I believe comes from the constant improvement they are making into their own life but also the time freedom they have by being entrepreneurs.
This power couple is expecting their first baby and going to do some BIG things in 2013!


Getting invested in

I got to take Pastor Zac Martin and his wife out for a dinner with my girlfriend and I. I love asking questions from people who have a successful relationship so I can learn how they are doing that and improving their own relationship daily.
My biggest take away is that we all make mistakes but you need to be quick to forgive.


Good Combo

Love this combo!
This day the waves were so fun!

Work harder dream bigger

New shirt that my friend Joel Piper just launched!!!
Love shirts like this that help give you a reminder.